Do You Have An Estate Dispute?

Emotions often run high after the loss of a family member. Perhaps your parents passed away and you want to do everything you can to make certain that their final wishes are followed. Perhaps another individual is challenging you, or is attempting to abuse your parents' estate. Mucci Law Firm in Albuquerque and Santa Fe can help.

We Do The Due Diligence

The will is often the focal point of estate disputes. However, there is much more that needs to be looked at. We always do the necessary due diligence before moving forward with estate litigation. For example, our lawyers contact the deceased's banks to determine whether there are any payable-on-death (POD) accounts. We also check with the County Clerk to find out whether your loved one left a transfer-on-death (TOD) deed, also referred to as a beneficiary deed. We will run a property search to determine what exactly is contained within the estate and what the value is. It may not be what everyone thinks it is.

Through careful due diligence, it is not unusual for us to find documents that answer any unanswered questions and put an end to an estate dispute before it comes to litigation.

Is There A Case?

Having handled these matters for more than 10 years, our attorneys know the law. We know the case law in which concepts such as undue influence are defined. The reality is that, even by meeting such definitions, a successful will contest or estate dispute is not guaranteed.

Count on us for an honest opinion. We will review your case thoroughly. If there are no grounds upon which to pursue estate litigation, we will let you know. If there are, we will educate you about your options. There may be alternatives to estate litigation that will allow you and your family to resolve the matter amicably. However, if estate litigation becomes necessary, you can count on us to prepare the matter for trial.

Free Consultations About Your Estate Concerns

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