Estate Litigation Lawyers In New Mexico

You want to make certain that your parent's or another deceased loved one's final wishes are carried out properly. Perhaps another heir has a conflicting idea of how those final wishes should be carried out, or of what those final wishes were. Perhaps there is an issue with the will or the trust, or it is simply being mishandled. If you do not want to stand by and watch a loved one's estate abused, contact an attorney at Mucci Law Firm.

When Is Estate Litigation Necessary?

We believe in taking the most straightforward path to a resolution. With more than a decade of experience on our side, we know all options available for resolving estate disputes.

Do you have an estate dispute? The question may not be as simple as it seems. We start every case by doing the due diligence. Not only do we review the will and the trust, but we also dig in to bank records and files at the County Clerk's office to make certain that nothing is overlooked. Moving forward with an estate dispute may be unnecessary.

We Take Estate Disputes To Trial

If we determine that there is an estate dispute that needs to be resolved, we will proceed carefully and with your concerns and your loved one's final wishes in mind. We will strive for an amicable resolution, if possible. Perhaps the matter can be settled through negotiation. We may also consider mediation. Our extensive experience in this area of the law means we know which mediators are familiar with estate disputes and who can properly oversee these matters.

We are trial lawyers. In fact, we are one of the few law firms in New Mexico that has actually taken undue influence and will contest cases to trial. When we prepare your case, we will prepare it for trial, using our knowledge of what arguments are effective when estate litigation cases are taken before a judge and jury. We are ready to take an aggressive stance in order to ensure that your loved one's estate is protected.

Our attorneys handle all forms of estate litigation in Albuquerque, Santa Fe and throughout New Mexico, including will contests and trust contests.

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