Probate Attorneys Serving New Mexico

Have you been placed in charge of administering a loved one's estate? This is a complex process that you do not have to face alone. An experienced lawyer from Mucci Law Firm in Albuquerque and Santa Fe can help you navigate probate, trust administration and any other aspects of estate administration that are necessary. We will educate you about your role as a personal representative or trustee, and guide you through the process.

Is Probate Necessary In New Mexico?

Probate or some level of estate administration is almost always needed. If your loved one created a trust as part of his or her estate plan, probate may be avoided but trust administration will be required. If the estate was small, a traditional probate procedure may be replaced with a small estate affidavit or a simplified version of probate. Regardless of the process required, you can be confident that we will use our 10-plus years of experience to help you see that your loved one's final wishes are realized.

Probate And Estate Administration Disputes

Disputes during the process of probate and estate administration are common. Emotions run high during these times, and there may be conflicting opinions about the deceased's final wishes. Matters may become more complex if there were problems with the will or trust. Rest assured that our attorneys can see that these problems are addressed.

Do You Live Outside Of New Mexico?

If you live outside of New Mexico and have lost a parent or another family member here, we encourage you to contact us. We are frequently able to handle these matters for you locally without requiring you to travel. Communication can be handled via email or telephone.

Free Consultations About Estate Administration And Probate

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